The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs

This is a business club conducted by Sharrock Pitman Legal and The Reluctant Entrepreneur. It is open to all owners, managers, and board members of businesses and not for profit organisations, no matter their industry or the size or type of business.

Meetings are held quarterly, with keynote business speakers, discussion groups, business book reviews, handouts and legal spotlights. For a snippet of what takes place, view this short video clip.

The School of Hard Knocks is a hands on, very practical club. The aim is for local enterprises to improve and be successful. We want leaders of enterprises to learn from one another and to pick up on ideas from others who are outside their own industry and business experience and who might have quite different perspectives. As a leader of an enterprise, you are warmly invited to attend any of our business club meetings.

Photos from our last School of Hard Knocks event in October 2017

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting for the School of Hard Knocks will be held early 2018 from 12:00pm for lunch and networking, with a 12:30pm start and finishing at 2:00pm.

Click here our last event’s invitation.

Our last guest speaker was Leanne Faulkner. Leanne is a champion of small business and an advocate for mental health awareness. Leanne founded the much loved Billie Goat Soap Brand, growing her business of modest beginnings to stock more than 2,000 retail outlets across the nation.

However, the business journey took a personal toll on her health and wellbeing. Today, Leanne has adjusted her thinking to embrace both the trials and triumphs of running a business and believes, as employers, we have a serious responsibility to care for ourselves and for our employees in regard to stress and overall wellbeing.

Her topic is “Stress Busting for You and Your Team

Leanne provided us with the follow helpful tips:

  • Recognise that you are not the business
  • Be brave and honest about your own mental state and wellbeing:
    identifying the red flags for yourself
  • Connecting with people who are supportive and trustworthy to hear your story: build networks of support
  • You are not alone and can and should share your business challenges
  • Intentionally build an emotionally resilient and mentally healthy
    workplace: implement practical steps to ensure your workplace is
    vibrant in this way.