Leading on L Plates!: Strategic planning is an imperative

Not too many leaders are good at setting an agreed strategic direction for their businesses or organisations and then working to an agreed strategic plan. So much happens serendipitously or, more accurately, by happenchance. And there’s far too much at stake to roll the dice like that! In such unpredictable times, I am learning that […]

Leading on L Plates!: Innovation is essential in unpredictable times

In 2016, I have been barraged, from the Prime Minister down, with messages that innovation in business is important, especially in a tough economy and in unpredictable times. The media, the web, books and articles, emails and bulletins, seminars, workshops and conferences: all are heralding warnings about competitors, disruption, digital technology, new business models, new ways of working, […]

Leading on L Plates!: Improving Workplace Culture

During the course of 2016, I realised afresh the critical importance of enjoying and maintaining what I call ‘a vibrant workplace culture’ in our law practice. This was a year when toxic cultures in key workplaces in Victoria, such as Government House, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade and even the iconic retailer Bunnings, have all hit […]