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Topics include:

  • Developing highly effective leadership
  • Creating vibrant workplace culture
  • Dynamic team building
  • Unleashing entrepreneurial spirit
  • It’s all about the customer!
  • Discovering vision, purpose and values
  • Planning, goals and strategy
  • Accelerating trust
  • Branding, marketing and business development
  • Building an enterprise excellence system and model
  • Self-appraisal and resilience for leaders
  • Principle-centred enterprises
  • Responsible pricing and financial vigilance
  • Creativity and innovation
  • A life of significance and a rich legacy.

David has been presenting at the School of Hard Knocks for Reluctant Entrepreneurs since August 2013.

He has also spoken at a variety of conferences and events.

Here are some examples of handouts from David’s presentations:

Here are some short snippets of presentations by The Reluctant Entrepreneur.

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