The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs

This is a business club conducted by Sharrock Pitman Legal and The Reluctant Entrepreneur. It is open to all owners, managers, and board members of businesses and not for profit organisations, no matter their industry or the size or type of business.

Meetings are held quarterly, with keynote business speakers, discussion groups, business book reviews, handouts and legal spotlights. For a snippet of what takes place, view this short video clip.

The School of Hard Knocks is a hands on, very practical club. The aim is for local enterprises to improve and be successful. We want leaders of enterprises to learn from one another and to pick up on ideas from others who are outside their own industry and business experience and who might have quite different perspectives. As a leader of an enterprise, you are warmly invited to attend any of our business club meetings.

Peter Engelhardt with Andre Ong, David Sharrock and Mitchell Zadow (August 2019)

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting for the School of Hard Knocks will be held on Tuesday 29 October 2019 at Waverley RSL. Our event commences from 12:00pm for a 12:30pm start over lunch and finishing at 2:00pm.

Our guest speaker will be Scott Dutton speaking on “Difficult to Connected Conversations: DCs made easy”

Yikes! How much do we look forward to those difficult and necessary conversations? A DC is anything you find hard to talk about but know that you need to.

Mmmm… The issue is often how to start those sensitive conversations that will invite open and constructive dialogue. When interactions become difficult, emotions can often escalate and communication can break down. We often fear having the difficult conversation as we are concerned that we may make the situation worse – so we may try to avoid it or we know we have to have it, we may try and blunder through it. Scott shares (with humour!) the necessary understanding, skills and confidence to successfully transform that conversation from difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) to connected + confident through a clear and concise 3 step process.

Yep, that DC just got that much easier!

What you will take away from the session:

  • How to transform a difficult (+ challenging + tough + unwanted) conversation to a connected + confident conversation
  • How to develop a mindset with an intent that invites open and authentic communication
  • How to practice a 3-step process that ensures the transformation of conflict into connection and the strengthening of relationship
  • How to implement key strategies to deal with challenges while remaining mindfully centred within the chaos of conflict

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